My heart

My heart is too soft that makes it easy for you to raven and use it up.

— e.c.


Unsent message #1

tell me if I’ve made any mistake    08.26am


no, you didn’t make any mistake. i am the one who made it. i fell hard for you and wished that you were different from others, that you wanted to be in love with me too, that you’d be from my crush to my lover. but i was wrong this whole damn time. i always wronged you and everything you had done to me. it was all simply a friendship for you. but it was not for me. i thought it was too special to be only a friendship between boy and girl. but you never knew i never had this such friendship with guy. or did you know it? or did i take it too far? or was it because i liked you?


don’t worry. you don’t make any
mistake.   08.49am

— e.c.

her pictures of beauty

he’s wearing exhausted soul
like pride with mountains on
his back, tired eyes filled of
stars, a smile that resembles
sunrise, blackhole on his heart
and hands like bonfire at night

he is an entire universe
she’s a little part of him
like the tiniest freckle
below his dark eyes that
shine constellation inside

he is anything
but beautiful
an entire universe
a thing she always
wants to embrace in
her sleep at night
and a sight she dreams
to see when she wakes
up in the morning

— e.c